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Tantrums, Teething and Wobblies Welcomed Warmly At Notgrove

Clamber stack

Having two young children myself at three years apart I was shocked and slightly ‘put out’ when searching for our Holiday destination. It hadn’t crossed my mind that my delightful bundles of joy may not be welcomed at some holiday homes. Why on earth would you not want them around (only I should have those thoughts on desperate days)..

To my disgust I was finding myself having to add my children’s ages to the search only to realise that some hosts were being quite grumpy and particular on what age children they would allow to stay with them. Perhaps the three year old could just stay at home. That would have solved a few problems but obviously I wanted him to join in on the fun. I then found that even my six year old was not welcome! Even though she polishes her halo on an hourly basis (or do I mean horns?)

Anyway after excitedly starting the search for our much needed holiday I soon found myself extremely stressed and even more in need of a break!

Thankfully I am happy to say that at Notgrove we have absolutely no age discrimination what so ever. Any age are welcome along with the tears, tantrums, giggles and dribbles (that applies to the adults too). We even go as far as trying to help you out by saving your car space. We will supply travel cots, highchairs, potties, booster seats, bouncer seats…. Pretty much everything you need.

On site we have lots to entertain active minds. If the animas aren’t intriguing enough and the donkeys are not capturing your beloveds as you would hope then we also have a little play shack. Our clamber stacks and willow wigwams are fab for burning off excess energy too. Having said all of this we have fresh air and space a plenty. Which to be honest is pretty much all you need.

Our walks around the farm can mostly be done with a good pushchair and wellies. Then a fresh hosing off when you get home can always be done.

Days out and about around Notgrove

Notgrove is lucky that it is quite central to some wonderful places.

All Things Wild, The Cotswold Farm Park and Cattle Country are fantastic days out. They work well if you have a variety of ages from new born to the more mature of us.

If the weather is not playing along then locally we have some indoor ‘soft play’ warehouses. Magicland in Cirencester is great as it is suitable for up to twelve year olds. Cirencester itself is a lovely market town to wander round afterwards too. I love heading to their ‘Pick A Pot And Paint It In The Cotswolds’ shop. Its great fun and if you planned this at the start of your holiday your pottery will be ready before the break is over.

The Play Farm in Cheltenham is great fun for younger children and The Funky Warehouse also will cover all ages!

We too are blessed by the fact we have some amazing villages around us such as Guiting Power. Guiting has a lovely play area set in a big open field. The village has a quaint tea shop and two great pubs. Plus it really is a bit of a ‘chocolate box’ place to see so you really could please everyone.

Broadway has a huge play area which you could spend hours in. Moreton in Marsh is another market town who has thought of the younger generation when it comes to play parks too.

The list really is endless.

The long and short of this blog is that I really hope that when you are looking for your well-earned break then Notgrove ticks all of your boxes without any stresses!

Happy Holidays!