Where do we start?  We love all of our animals to pieces even though they have us running around after them!

All of our furry friends love to fed, cuddled and adored by our guests. Our staff are always ready to show them off and tell you all about them, in fact we will probably insist on it!
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Let’s start with the ALPACAS!

We have 7 alpacas in total, Amy is the only girl of the pack but she is definitely the boss. Then we have our boys Humphrey, Theodore, Bart, Bobbin, Winston and Jackson. They are also constantly mistaken for Llama when they are in fact Alpaca’s (less grumpy than Llama and minus the spitting). They live in the paddocks opposite the Glamping Pods and we will happily take you to meet them and explain a bit more about these fleecy fuzz balls during your stay.

Our Beautiful Pigs

We have 2 pigs, Bumble and Truffle. Our girls are very friendly and always hungry! They will greet us in the morning for breakfast then collapse by their bowls for a mid-morning nap! They both love a good scratch and love meeting the guests!

Our Noisy Donkeys

Magpie and Wren will be your morning alarm clock when you come and stay, calling out to anyone who will feed them!! They insist on greeting everyone who passes their paddock, and love as much fuss and attention as you want to give them.

Last but not least our Goats!

Our goats, despite being very much loved by us, are definitely the naughtiest of our animals! Wallace is the leader of the goat team having been with us for 3 years, and our new additions Ginger and Pickle are set join him in causing havoc.

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Cotswold Glamping Pods

Glamping Pods

Luxury Mega Pod Glamping accommodation sleep up to 4, all overlooking the idyllic village of Notgrove

Glamping Pods
Modern Barn conversion

Modern Barns

Our 3 and 4 bed modern barn conversions are situated in a courtyard with stunning contemporary open plan layouts.

Modern Barns

Group Barns

Our stunning modern barn conversions can be rented in various ways to accommodate groups from 12-32 guests. Perfect for family gatherings.

Group Barns

Safari Tents

Our five new contemporary safari tents are set in a former cricket field and are perfect for families and groups. This is family luxury glamping at its best..

Safari Tents