Notgrove’s Animals

No visit to Notgrove is complete without meeting our four legged friends! Our ever growing collection of hooved and clawed beasts love to be fed, cuddled and adored by our guests. Our staff are always ready to show them off and tell you all about them, in fact we will probably insist on it!

Harry’s pride and joy…….Meet the Boys

Bobin, Bart, Humphrey and Theodore are much admired by all who meet them, they are also constantly mistaken for Llama when they are in fact Alpaca’s (less grumpy than Llama and minus the spitting). They live in the paddocks opposite the Glamping Pods and we will happily take you to meet them and explain a bit more about these fleecy fuzz balls during your stay.

Katie’s favourites………Meet the Girls

We know you shouldn’t have favourites but …..Magpie and Wren are the cuddliest donkeys we have ever met. They insist on greeting everyone who passes their paddock, and love as much fuss and attention as you want to give them.

Jackys feathered friends……meet the rabble…

These feathered fuss pots are free range and will happily be found scratching around messing up the flower beds outside village farm cottages. We collect their eggs each day and sell them in the games room shop for you to enjoy.

Lucy’s lads….our naughtiest furry beasts!

Our goats, despite being very much loved by Lucy the goats are definitely the naughtiest of our animals, and much of her time is taken up finding escapee goats and returning them to the correct paddock. Rufus and Diego are Boer goats and are slightly better behaved than their tiny friends Wallace and Grommit the pygmy goats – tiny terrors of destruction! They love to meet guests and eat so do say hello while your here.

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