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Five star winter accommodation in the Cotswolds for our goats……

As the weather has become a tiny bit colder ( rather than constant heavy down pours) we have upgraded our four legged friends to what could only be known as ten star accommodation in the goat and donkey world.
I personally would be more than happy to spend all day long down at ‘New Barn’ as long as I was well rugged up.
To me this is one of the prettiest most charming places to find around Notgrove and possibly in the Cotswolds. Its silent and time just seems to stand still whilst you are down there.
Pull on your wellies pop on your bobble hat and away you go. Find your inner child again and tackle those muddy puddles , don’t avoid them just plough on through. It’s so much more fun, even better if they are frozen. I am sure deep down we all love to be the first to ‘crack’ and ‘smash’ and iced-over puddle.

It’s only a short march down to the end of the track , on the way back maybe you could make a detour to Cold Aston and accidentally stumble across the pub for a warming or refreshing drink!

Goats enjoying the Cotswolds Hills.