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Peppa and Scrappy answer that all important question…What does your dog want for Christmas?

Peppa and Scrappy Christmas List
Peppa and Scrappys Christmas List
Doggy Christmas List

It’s the yearly question all us pet owners ponder, what is the perfect present for our four legged pooches? With so many doggy items on offer it’s a mine field to ensure you’re hairy friend gets the perfect Christmas gift.
Well ponder no more Scrappy and Peppa have been surfing the web and checking out this year’s doggy offerings. They have put paws to paper and compiled their Christmas list of the best doggy presents on the market.

1. Lilly’s Kitchen Christmas Feast Gift Box for Dogs –
Being a Labrador Peppa is always thinking of her stomach so her top pick are these delicious dog hampers. Available in various sizes and ranging from fun gift bags to huge treat filled hampers – they even have a special hamper for puppy’s and older dogs – Lilly Kitchen

2. SnuggleSafe Microwave Heatpad
Being of the more mature generation Scrappy has chosen some creature comforts as his top pick – snuggle safes pet safe hot water bottle is the perfect way to ensure your pet stays warm this Christmas – Snugglesafe

3. Canine and Co Big Dog Jumper
Being a young fashionista Peppa has chosen a festive wardrobe update as her second choice –  Canine and Co do a range of small and larger dog fashions and Peppa has chosen this Christmas jumper as her fave – Canineandco

4. Pup Tart Striped Pet Tipi
Proving that old dogs do indeed like new tricks (and happy in the knowledge Peppa won’t fit into it) Scrappy has chosen a new house as his second choice. These fun dog tipis come in a range of patterns and can be personalised to make them extra special – notonthehighstreet

5. The Dogs Trust Funky Frisbee
Having been told off numerous times for chewing the boys Frisbee’s (oops) Peppa has decided to get her own as her third choice – this funky Frisbee is not only a perfect play toy but also supports the wonderful Dogs Trust – Dogs Trust

6. Hearing Dogs for Deaf People Treat Ball
Not wanting to be outdone by Peppa’s humanitarian side Scrappy has chosen this fun treat ball from the hearing dogs for deaf people, fun, food and feel good factor – perfect – Hearingdogs

So with one less thing to worry about this Christmas all that’s left is for you to choose the perfect one our top choices for your 4 legged bestie….Peppa and Scrappy are posting their list off to Santa and  will let you know what falls down the chimney on Christmas eve.