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Glamping Verses Camping

Glamping pod in the mist at notgrove

Glamping verses camping…..

Back in the day we never really had much choice. It was a case of packing the car up filling every nook and cranny with whatever best way any item would fit in. Camping stove, Kettle, Pots, Pans, Chairs (indoor and outdoor) Beds of any shape and form, bedding, the list goes on and on and on….. This would all be done in hope that the tent was dry and packed away correctly after its last outing. Although I know that if it was me who did the deed on our last adventure then goodness knows where the pegs had been put as by that point I had normally had enough!

Nowadays we are being slightly spoilt. For those who always despaired at the thought of sleeping under mouldy old canvas in a damp sleeping bag that was never quite long enough may now have a little ‘hope’. They may well even be talking to their friends about how they have booked their first ‘camping’ holiday. Maybe not embellishing too much to the hard-core camper on what exactly they are ‘camping’ in though.

The very precious among us are starting to dream about heading off to the countryside to enjoy being closer to nature.

As Glamping really is starting to prove extremely popular I can truly see why!

Your car journey no longer means that you have to sit with bags of apparatus on your laps or up around your ears. It doesn’t matter if you turn up to your destination and it is bucketing it down with rain or hail or both as is most likely in this country. It also means that you do not have to spend months of preparation looking at the weather patterns in hope you can pick a few days where the wind isn’t going to blow you all away!

Glamping means that you can get away any time of the year.

 Our podders don’t care what the weather brings as you can walk into your short term home, shut the door and whack the heating up.

If you have been out for a muddy walk or the children have been rolling around in the grass you can jump in the shower there and then. None of this packing a bag to head off to the shower blocks!

You need not limit what you drink before bed time in fear of having to do the dreaded midnight march to the loos. Nope, you can simply roll out of bed and use the toilet in the pod. How civilised?! You can brush your hair and look in the mirror in the morning with ease… You can even pop cbeebies on first thing to keep the cherubs happy whilst you have a few extra minutes in your comfy bed! Yes I did say bed!!

You manage to have your independence and keep in touch with nature. You can cook your own meals, use the microwave and fridge all without the worry of anyone nicking your milk. Then on the sunny evenings you can open up your doors and enjoy the views whilst toasting marshmallows on the fire pit.

So camping verses glamping…………………. Hmmmmm I think I know which one gets my vote.

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