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Safe saving ideas for happy holiday packing

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Safe Saving Ideas And Packing Tips For A Tidy Suitcase


I think we can all be found guilty of travelling with a rather over-full messy suitcase.

It always starts off so well. The excitement and enthusiasm of our long overdue annual holiday sets us off with good intentions.

Folding neatly and carefully choosing our daytime outfits, evening attire and bedtime wear. Counting out how many pairs of pants we will need and matching up socks!

 If you are anything like me patience can soon run out and I end up grabbing everything and anything shoving it in any way possible!

So here are a few helpful tips to get you underway……..

Roll clothes instead of folding them.

Use your space wisely and fill any gaps! Stuff shoes with socks!

If you are a devil for not unpacking once you have arrived then do not fear. No more stale smelling clothes. Simply line your case with scented drawer liners. Perfect!

To avoid any staining pack your light coloured clothes inside out.

Makeup can often take the brunt of a battered suitcase so to avoid broken eye shadows place some flat cotton wool between the lid and the powder.

Must-haves for fun in the Cotswolds and Notgrove itself

Typically for your Notgrove holiday we recommend a good pair of wellies for the winter months or wellie-bobs for the summer months. Failing that decent walking boots do the job.

Pop in some spare plastic bags for wet muddy wellies to go in for the car boot on the way home.

A compact cool bag is a must so that you can head off exploring the countryside and stop for delicious picnics.

Finally, do not forget your camera!

Well I hope that is of some use to you. If Not you can always just resort to a good old bit of elbow grease and just sit on your crammed suitcase to shut it!

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