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The Notgrove Trust

Alongside running the farm , holiday cottages and general ‘up-keep’ of the estate Harry and Diana also run The Notgrove Trust.

They regularly receive letters from local charities who are struggling to get funding up together. So Harry and Diana carefully look into these projects to see how they can help them and to see who will benefit from their help the most.

The latest recipients from the Trust have been –

The Guiting Music Festival

Ruskin Mill Trust

The Rock in Cheltenham

Cheltenham Christian Arts Festival

Home start Cotswolds

Kates Home Nursing

Gym Nation

Gloucestershire Bike Project

Cotswold riding for the disabled

Cumbria community foundation ( assisting families affected by the floods)


We are hoping to follow the progress on these charities particularly Ruskin Mill in Nailsworth.

Ruskin Mill Trust has four colleges altogether. One in Pembrokeshire, Stourbridge, Sheffield and Nailsworth.

The college is set in 140acres of beautiful wooded valley in Nailsworth. It caters for over 100 students providing them with a safe and healthy environment. Students range from 16-25 years old and are either residential or day with complex behaviour and learning difficulties such as Autism, Epilepsy and Asperger’s to name a few.

Students get training through areas of arts, crafts, agriculture and environmental sciences. As part of the college they run a small Goat Dairy providing Milk and cheese sales. Working with the goats help the students gain lots of experiences and develop qualities like compassion and appropriate care for one another. The goat farm is in need of some TLC and as they are growing they are needing more secure grazing and housing for the Kids and for ‘kidding’ to take place in. So although Notgrove Trust won’t be able to fund the whole project they have certainly given them a helping hand towards building a new barn and achieving their goals.

We hope to catch up with Ruskin Mill in the future to see how they are getting on.

St Peter
Ruskin Mill
Cumbria Community Foundation