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Blossom and Dill


Blossom and Dill boquet

Blossom and Dill are welcomed to the Notgrove Estate


We are so excited to welcome a fabulous new business into the Notgrove Estate…… Blossom and Dill.

Blossom and Dill’ is a wonderful creative florist inspired by the love of Dutch flower paintings, the English countryside (perfectly located in Notgrove), Renaissance frescoes and many many more influences.

They are now based in our beautiful intriguing small dairy building located next to the Manor itself.

The building was constructed in circa 1906 when the Cunard Family constructed the Manor, stables and adjoining grounds - it was part of the Victorian concept of creating "Model Farms” i.e modern farms.

The Building was designed to keep milk cool - it has a doubled tiered thatch roof with central louvres to keep the building cool in summer and warmer in winter.

The dairy is octagonal and has marble shelves around the edges to store the milk churns.  There was a central fountain that sprayed up a fine spray of water that vaporised to keep the milk cool (a pressor to modern air conditioning) The roof louvres aid air flow and all the windows are mid horizontally hinged to control air flow  - thus allows temperature regulation.

The walls are insulated with boarding and decorated with the Cyril Cunard’s Initials.

It really is quite an inspirational little place to be so I am sure Sophie will find her creations blossoming even more in this space.

Sophie (the talent behind Blossom and Dill) will prepare arrangements for any event big or small. Weddings, parties, gatherings or even simple ‘one-off’ bouquets. No better way to share your feelings or cheer a room up with one of Blossom and Dills amazing collaborations.

Rather excitingly too Sophie has offered to share her knowledge and experience with our lucky Notgrove guests. Offering workshops as a group or one to one sessions. This would be fantastic for hen parties, team building or simply people who share a passion for beautiful flowers. This can be arranged through Sophie herself by email blossomanddill@gmail.com or give her a call on 0781 086 3919.

Anyway, I think you will all agree that there are some very exciting times ahead for both Notgrove and Blossom and Dill!


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