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A Typically English Country Summer Sunday


Glamping pod in the mist at notgrove

Notgrove Manor's open garden and Three Village produce show

You are in the Cotswolds and it’s a beautiful August weekend.

What better way to spend your sleepy Sunday than merrily mooching around the glorious gardens of Notgrove Manor. You can finally see all of the efforts that have gone into keeping the gardens as beautiful as they are.

This of course would not be the same without a cup and saucer in one hand and some Victoria sponge in the other.

Perhaps you have already eyed up the competition over the table. Who has produced the biggest marrow this year? How are the gardens in a tray looking? Are they landscaped up to Charlie Dimmocks standard or do they need some more inspiration…

On a serious note, it is lovely how serious people take the produce show. They spend a lot of time and love over their entries and it is so nice to see what has been entered.

Then of course there is the dog show! Someone will obviously be disgraced in the ring by their ‘best friend’. Their four legged friend who normally knocks all the furniture over through ‘over-wagging’ of the tail will of course get stage fright when it comes to the day. The greediest dog in England will decide on that Sunday that actually they are no longer hungry and really do not want to eat any sausages, let alone at speed.

 It is all good fun though and that is what it is all about.

A relaxed day where you are simply free to stroll and soak up the scenery.

The Three Charities

To make it all even better proceeds will be going to three very deserving causes.

Kate’s Home Nursing. This is a fantastic local charity that offers patients care at home in the last stages of illness and to support and give respite to their carers and families. It allows patients to stay in the comfort of their own home and still have the care from registered nurses.

The Mothers’ Union. Mothers’ Union has members in 83 countries across the world. These members seek to serve people in their communities through outreach projects and various programmes. Members work tirelessly, offering Christian care for families, regardless of faith or background.

Notgrove Church. It’s so important to keep our village church up and running as with any church. Notgrove oozes with historical charm and the church has an awful lot to do with that. As you may have read before the village has a huge connection with Dick Whittington so we really want to be able to help keep the church up and running for the younger generation to enjoy too.

All in all the bank holiday weekend will be made complete with this wonderful village show!


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