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Notgrove- The Winter Wonderland in The Cotswolds


Harry, Kate and Lucy

We all dream of snow-topped landscapes when we think of Christmas. It is not very often though that this actually happens. Although some of you may argue that it's not quite Christmas yet but it is most definitely December and the festivities are on their way!

So how exciting to have had such a huge amount of snowfall on the Cotswolds over the weekend!

We love where we live and totally appreciate its natural beauty all year round but the snow really does just make it that little bit more special.

Magical !

So we thought we would share it with you!

Bumble is enjoying bumbling about in it.........

The chickens are not so convinced. Maybe a duvet day today girls!

The poor Alpacas just watched on as the snow falling turned more into a blizzard.

As fun as it is and as pretty as it looks unfortunately the JCB and its bucket had to come and rescue our guests on Monday morning. It was all systems go up at the holiday barns!

It is very easy for us to start complaining about this wonderful white stuff. It doesn't happen very often to this extent so we really should just try and enjoy it and appreciate it while it lasts. It creates wonderful memories after all ....

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