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Team Building In The Cotswold Countryside

Glamping pod in the mist at notgrove

Reward your team with a motivational mini break in the Cotswolds

We all feel we work very hard in this day and age.

 What better way to improve motivation and give everyone a little bit of ‘feel good factor’ than spending a couple of nights in the Cotswolds for some rest and relaxation getting to know your work colleagues. Or a good old knees up letting your hair down where the managers get to show you that they are actually human after all!

We recently housed a company and their extremely hard working staff for some inspirational team building. They used our modern barn conversions for sleeping and eating (possibly a few drinkies too judging on the recycling bins). Then they were able to make full use of the surrounding grounds for their activities.

The company hired a Team building coach who came up for the day with a whole itinerary of interesting games and things to be done to help get relationships blossoming.

Walks were taken around the farm, football played on the pitch and climbing up the clamber stack. Table tennis got the quietest of the team competitive, bringing out a side that people had never seen. Even something as simple as chilling on the bean bags in the sun and having a good old chin wag helped to improve morale.

As the day started to come to an end the glad rags were popped on along with comfy shoes ready for the walk to the next village pub. A delightful walk away from Notgrove with a friendly welcoming local atmosphere this was a perfect end to their day.

The next morning saw a few sore heads but they were happy heads at that! Sometimes we all like to feel appreciated and a little bit of a thank you goes an awful long way. It is also nice to be able to get to know people you may see every day but not actually have had anything to do with. We are all quite good at making judgements that may not always ring true.

So that’s why I think Team Building for businesses is extremely beneficial for the staff and the business!

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