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‘Must see’ Villages to visit in the Cotswolds




Villages to visit in the Cotswolds

You don’t necessarily need to depend on the weather to go off exploring the beautiful villages that we are surrounded in. Maybe just a good coat and possibly a decent bit of footwear so you can wander in comfort letting you enjoy what is around you with ease.

One thing that I can promise you is that we are surrounded by some wonderful villages and small towns here in Notgrove that really are worth a visit to complete your stay!

Bourton on the Water- Of course we have to start here. It’s only a five minute drive from us and is known as ‘The Venice of the Cotswolds’. With the river Windrush winding  through the centre it really is a wonderful sight. Shops and tea rooms border the river so there is plenty to wander around after your initial welcoming ‘wow’ to the village has passed.

The Slaughters- Actually two neighbouring villages ‘Upper Slaughter’ and ‘Lower Slaughter’. Not huge in size but gigantic in personality! Perfect to spend the day exploring around and for the slightly (not overly though) more energetic you can walk from one to the other. The adjoining countryside views will take your mind off any exercise! Perfect with a pushchair too!

Guitiing Power- An ‘untouched’ village. No large estates here. All very quaint, traditional cottages rolling through the village. Two lovely pubs, a tiny village shop with penny sweets and true essentials taking you back in time and a glorious village Tea rooms (selling even more glorious cakes and lunches)!

Snowshill- Again while this village is only pocket-sized it does not leave you short changed! It oozes Cotswold stone walls, perfect yet imperfect old cottages, winding narrow lanes, rolling hills, stunning old trees on arrival and a massive claim to fame! Being the star in the film Bridget Jones! Though the village certainly doesn’t need to brag about this as it has it all anyway!

Broadway- Just down the road from Snowshill, Broadway is a larger village. The main street is stunning – that really is the best way to describe it. Shops, tea rooms, restaurants and a super duper deli lining the streets it really is a must see! Then on your way home a stop off to the incredible Broadway Tower is a definite! Even the drive home to Notgrove consists nothing but rolling hills, Cotswold stone walls setting your trail and picture-perfect buildings set along the way.

Burford- We could not NOT mention Burford! Set on a hill, a rather lovely hill at that! Stand at the bottom and just look up! Amazing! Wander up the one side, cross the road and wander back down the other! Of course on the wander you will need to stop and mooch in the fantastic independent shops and then stop at one of the mouth-watering tea rooms!

You do not need warm sunny weather to appreciate what we have locally. Even the drive to these villages is no chore, it is all part of the experience.

We fully appreciate the natural beauty that is surrounding us and really this list is just the ‘tip of the Cotswolds’!!

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