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Sponsor a Tree at Notgrove in Elizabeth’s Wood


Elizabeth Wood Saplings

Sponsor a Tree in Elizabeth’s Wood at Notgrove 

Here at Notgrove we are passionate about the environment and preserving the countryside and nature and are always looking to improve on our green credentials.

With this in mind, and to support the Green Canopy initiative for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee we have just finished planting over 3,500 native trees next to Notgrove village to create a 3 hectare wood.  Just as the estate did for Queen Victoria’s coronation in 1838 when they planted Coronation Wood.

The wood is being named in the Queen’s honor and will be known as Elizabeth’s Wood.

Each tree in Elizabeth’s Wood is now available to sponsor.  We are happy for sponsors to supply and install a plaque at the bottom of each tree with the details of the person they are dedicating the tree too as a wedding gift, birthday or Christmas present, in celebration of an event or achievement, or in memory of a special person.

Each tree costs £20 a year to sponsor and as part of each sponsorship, they will also receive:

  • Access to Elizabeth’s Wood to see the trees
  • 5% discount on any bookings made with Notgrove Holidays notgroveholidays.com
  • Access to the permissive footpaths around the 1,500 acre Notgrove estate
  • Receive a personalized certificate
  • Have permission to put an approved plaque at the base of the tree

Each sapling is being planted by hand and given the best start in life and will be looked after and managed by Notgrove Farms.

For more information please go to our Gift section on our website https://notgroveholidays.com/notgrove-gift-shop/

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