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Come and Meet the Boys!

Harry, Kate and Lucy

 The Alpaca's can't wait to meet you!

Did you know?

Alpaca’s originate from Peru a long way from Notgrove!

We have 3 pairs of brothers amongst the 6 of them

Let’s start off with the eldest which is –

BART:   Born – 04/06/2010, he is 7 years old. Brother to Bobbin, Bart is a very sweet character. Not really phased by much and likes human company.

Next is –

BOBBIN:  Born – 15/06/2010, he is also 7 years old. Bobbin is too cool for words, a very laid back chap! Bobbin is normally the last one to reach the feed bowls as he is too casual to run! Never really in a hurry for much to be honest!

Did you know?

Alpacas are mostly bred for their wool but they would also see off predators in farmers herds.

Then there is –

THEODORE: Born – 25/06/2012, he is 5 years old. Theodore is a little ‘jumpy’ but very sweet once he gets to know you. Theodore has crystal blue eyes, as you can see he is a very handsome alpaca.

Theodore’s brother is –

HUMPHREY: Born – 28/06/2012, also 5 years old. Humphrey is only small but makes up for his size in character! You will often see this spritely little chap leaping about.

Did you know?

Alpacas are closely related to the lama but better tempered, so less spitting and smaller!

Our last two alpacas are our latest addition to the herd!

First is –

JACKSON: Born – 10/07/2013, he is 4 years old. Jackson is the youngest alpaca but he is the most confident one! He is a loveable chap, likes to give kisses and hugs! Jackson is also the noisiest one out of all of them, likes to see what’s going on!

Last but not least is –

WINSTON: Born – 19/05/2013, also 4 years old. Winston is quite shy at first, but once he gets to know you he is quite the troublemaker, always trying to wind his brother Jackson up! He also likes to roll around and get muddy, his coat never stays clean.

 Now you know more about them, they hope to meet you soon. Jackson can’t wait to give you kisses!


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