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Our Safari Tents are up and ready for guests, here's how it went behind the scenes!

Our big project for 2019 has been 5 new safari tents located on the site of the old cricket field in the village.   They have been much more work to prepare than the pods (a pod arrives fully fitted and ready to go) but to suit modern day standards they need fully fitting out with electricity, water, sewerage and gas which is easier said than done.  I have to say we recently went to Berlin to stay for a weekend - our tents are more luxurious than the flat we stayed in and certainly larger than the average London pad with three separate bedrooms.
Next time I buy a "compact WC and sink" suite off the internet I will check the measurements!!
Clear Sky Tents erected all five in the only 2 weeks in February that was cold, wet and snowy and the fitters had to stay in the pods at the end of each working day to thaw out - what a valiant effort.
Pablo and Pete have worked through all the problems not only with the tents but after about 12 different layouts have eventually converted a former stone cattle barn into a shower block.  It had a very steeply sloping floor and limited space for 4 showers and 2 loos with underfloor heating but it works - or at least I hope it will when the first guests arrive on 29th March.
I also have to give credit to our team of local plumbers and electricians, SWL and See Electrics, who have worked with us through all the issues.   Our farm team of Bill, Mervyn and Mike have also learnt a new skill - road laying between the tents and carpark.
Mike also has done a great job growing on all the plants for the landscaping from cuttings in the garden and we have not had to purchase a single one - what a feat.
A final mention must go to our own Notgrove Holiday team of Katie, Beth, Kailey and Kirsty who have worked hard on this ambitious project and no doubt can’t wait to get stuck in for a busy summer...
Thanks to all those who stayed with us in Notgrove over the past year in either a barn or pod -  do come again and try out a safari tent this time.  Despite what those moaners in the city say the countryside is thriving - we have seriously never had more diversity of visible flora and fauna on our land and are determined to keep it that way.

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