Harry’s Christmas Notfile

Dear All
1. Remember to buy your other half (human or otherwise) a present – If you can’t think what to give her/him or it – have a large whisky and you will think of something – you could make a candlestick from the empty bottle – a homemade present is often more appreciated.
2. Remember small kids often prefer the box rather than the present – however small the present just put it in a large box – ideally several boxes and wrap in layers of paper as this takes more time to unwrap – even better wrap up granny or even better the cat!!
3. It is very easy to wind up the relations but best not to – If matters get stressed just say you are going out to get some logs and  walk down to the pub!,  if the pub is not open take a flask and enjoy the fresh air.
4. Don’t wake up your other half at 4am on Christmas Eve and say – “have you put the turkey in”
5. The washing up is much more fun with music on and a drink – make it plain the Cook does not wash up

6. Telly – take the fuse out – it will save a lot of arguments and it is more fun playing a game
7. Wifi – switch it off – it will annoy the kids but that is the point, and will save you a lot of money on buying pointless tat at the boxing day sales.
8. Heating – turn the heating off upstairs so kids and grumpy teenagers have to join in with the games down stairs
9. If you are cold, cuddle a relative, or neighbour it does wonders for family or local relations, however a dog is often more appreciative,  alternatively sit on the cat.
Happy Christmas to you all
All the very best and lets hope we have some sanity in the world in the New Year
Harry, Diana, Rory, Bella and Georgina