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We welcome reviews at Notgrove Holidays


Harry, Kate and Lucy


Reviews are so important to us here at Notgrove and we are extremely grateful to everyone who has stayed with us before and taken the time to give us feedback.

We take all feedback to heart and love nothing more than reading positive and complimentary comments. We also hugely appreciate any constructive criticism we may get. Afterall we are always learning what people want and may need. We realise everyone is different and may have different expectations from us. What some people see as a priority others may not and if we can improve your stay with us we do try to!

Nowadays reviews really help people when looking to stay somewhere. It can give you a great insight to a destination on what ‘real-life’ people have to say about it. Also it can be rather harmful if overly negative not so necessary points are made too. So it really can work in your favour or to your disadvantage.

We actually are only a very small team and sometimes guests may forget this. We all chip in with each other’s workload if needed and our roles are very varied which is great. So if on the odd occasion we do get a review that we feel is unfair it really is very disheartening and certainly knocks our morale.

The people preparing the cottages, taking the bookings, making the beds, answering queries, replying to messages and posting on Facebook aren’t just numbers. We aren’t computers and we don’t go home not giving a damn. Quite the opposite. We are a few ‘normal’ beings doing our job and a lot more, wanting to make your holiday a great one. That’s why we do it!

We are extremely lucky that we get such wonderful guests and as I mentioned before we are thankful for this!

So here is a BIG thank you from our small team!

Diana and Harry, Kate, Beth and Lucy!

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