The Alpacas Arrive!

We have been very excited this week by the arrival of Notgroves newest residents……….Humphrey, Bobbin, Bart and Theodore.

Alpaca Humphrey at Notgrove

For those of you too polite to ask……they are Alpacas – a smaller type of Lama and much less spitty!! The clan arrived on Monday and have settled straight into their new home. The four boys are 2 sets of brothers and came from the wonderful Cotswold Alpacas. Harry and Bella spent a day with Stuart and Trudy and learnt all you need to know about looking after the little fleece balls.

Alpacas at Notgrove

Alpacas are from the camelid species and originate from South America – a long way from Notgove. They are closely related to the Lama but as I mentioned earlier better tempered and so less of the spitting and smaller – phew! In Central America Alpacas are farmed for their fleece and also for meat – we can assure you Alpaca will not be on the menu here. We got them cos there so CUTE!

We have been assured that Alpacas are relatively easy to train and domesticate, therefore Bella’s task for the summer holidays is to train said Camelids so our guests can enjoy them – good luck Bella. Over the summer she will be getting them used to having a halter on and being led, picking up their feet and enjoying some cuddles. Once they are confident our guests, young and old, will be able to take them for walks, feed them or for the less brave stare at them over the fence.

Once they are settled we will be moving them up to the field by the holiday cottages so our guests can enjoy them. We will update you throughout the summer on their progress and if your coming to stay with us we will introduce you. (I will hopefully have remembered their names by then ).