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What Notgrove has been up to this year!

What a busy time we have had at Notgrove.

Phew….it’s been a busy few months here at Notgrove and we have been so happy to welcome you all back and see some new and familiar faces. We wanted to have a good old catch up so pop the kettle on, put your feet up and we’ll fill you in on our news…..

We had a brilliant start to the year with our busiest January to March yet……and then the dreaded Corona hit……Needless to say a loss of three months bookings was not a happy time and Harry’s temper was tested to the max.  The housekeeping team carried on working too but did threatened to quit if they heard the phrase ‘deep clean’ one more time.

Katie, our hard-working bookings manager, was the only one who was super busy day and night, moving HUNDREDS of bookings and being incredibly grateful for the kind and positive attitude of (nearly all) of the guests whose holidays were affected. We managed to move most of the bookings to new dates and look forward to seeing those long-suffering guests next year.

All of our animals were also bereft with the sudden lack of attention and wondered if it was something they had said?!? Rest assured, we set them straight and they are now back to their usual perky selves, loving the return of guest admiration and lots of selfies.

We have also added two highland cattle into our menagerie – William and Harry who come from Royal Blood lines (their granny belonged to the Queen) and are settling in very well, when they can see through their ginger fringes.

Although we are thrilled to be open once again, these are obviously very different times. Our priority is keeping guests and staff safe and we are taking all the government guidance on cleaning and social distancing very seriously. We have all fallen into new habits remarkably easily and find the system runs surprisingly smoothly – all of us apart from Peppa the Housekeepers Labrador, who still refuses to socially distance – especially if there’s a guest BBQ somewhere…

Our five safari tents are getting ready for their winter hibernation at the end of October and we have been so thrilled with the lovely reviews from guests who’ve stayed. It’s been a brilliant few months in our luxury tents and we really hope they get a full season next year when they re-open in April 2021.

The glamping pods and holiday barns remain fully open all year round as usual and although nothing is certain in these tricky times we will be as adaptable as we possibly can over the coming winter months.

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