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Winter gardening with Mike


Harry, Kate and Lucy


I'm frequently asked by friends and family what I do in the Winter. Of course, this question originates from people who have an urban garden, usually the size of a postage stamp where there is practically nothing to do for months on end this time of year.

At Notgrove however, gardening takes on a whole new scale and dimension.

In addition to recently planting 1,770 bulbs this photo is about two days worth of gardening at Notgrove! (And there is still plenty more trailer loads like this yet to come!)

I tell them.."honestly don't worry...there is plenty to do!" 😃

It's been unusually mild lately and plants in the garden are a bit confused...nasturtiums in flower in December (which is really weird!) and daffodils and tulips emerging like it's spring. Even the tree peony thinks it's May...


We've had hard frosts and sub-zero wind chills the last few days and nights so I thought I'd share a few shots of colour from the gardens and grounds of Notgrove...taken today first week of December!

Happy gardening



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